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Ad Strategy Report: Direct-to-Consumer Brands

This report analyzes top players within the growing direct-to-consumer (DTC) online retailers to unpack and understand their marketing strategies.

DTC brands have been gaining market share across multiple industries and have garnered a lot of attention from consumers, the media and competitors. These “digitally-native” companies are changing the game when it comes to almost every aspect of doing business – especially when it comes to branding, marketing, and social media.

With a focus on constantly getting in front of consumers, it’s no surprise that these companies sometimes find themselves in the news for the wrong reasons – Peloton’s recent ad received very mixed reviews, and Away Travel’s corporate culture has been in the spotlight.

One thing is for sure: competition is fierce and they are all putting significant resources into advertising on paid social media platforms and leveraging them to drive massive user acquisition.

What's Inside:

  • Audience targeting strategies
  • Brands' media-mix allocation 
  • Social media campaign analysis
  • Top-performing ads