Uncover Actionable Insights Into Competitors’ Paid Social Media Strategies and Advertising Secrets

Outsmart Your Competition

BrandTotal reveals your competitors’ social advertising strategies and benchmarks your brand against the performance of rival brands. Use the platform to reverse-engineer your competitors’ entire paid social advertising strategy. 

Unlock your competitors’ social advertising spend, digital SOV, consumer engagement, consumer sentiment, media mix, share of topic, and other insights into their creative, media, and brand strategies. 

See how to validate your assumptions, justify investment, measure strategy in real time, and outshine the competition. 


You get 360-degree visibility and predictive actionable insights with:


The broadest and deepest Share of Voice coverage in real time anywhere


Unmatched analysis at the granular level for deep, accurate insights


AI-powered messaging analytics that reveal what’s resonating with your competitor’s core consumers


Powerful brand performance metrics to measure your performance through multiple intelligence layers

The result? An unparalleled competitive advantage with vastly improved brand performance, deeper and broader social competitive intelligence, and the ability to identify hidden white-space opportunities, all while driving ROI and lowering costs. 

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