Snapshot: Social Responsibility

In the past, social responsibility was a unique selling point for niche brands. Today, social responsibility is something that brands cannot do without. Consumers look for brands that align with their personal values, and social responsibility has become a key value for modern consumers. 

In this new report, we’ll look at how different brands are emphasizing their commitment to social responsibility, connecting with consumers around this central issue, and generating positive engagement and consumer sentiment – indeed, consumer love – through their social responsibility efforts.




What's In the Snapshot


Insightful Competitive Overview

Get an in-depth review of the competitive marketing in your industry to understand who’s winning at paid social across channels and which channels are most successful at driving SOV and engagement.

dark ads

Analysis of Dark Versus Public Ads

What’s the breakdown between public and dark ads within the competitive set? Discover what competitors are doing differently than your own brand.


Consumer Sentiment Trends

Find out who’s leading the field, what the positive and negative keywords and phrases are, and how consumer sentiment has shifted over time.

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Actionable Key Learnings

See our take on what’s working and what’s not in paid social in terms of SOV, share of topic, consumer engagement, consumer sentiment, and creative/messaging.

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