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BrandTotal’s Top Ads report includes three categories: Top 10 Most Engaging Ads, Top 10 Most Loved Ads, and Top 10 Spenders. “Most Engaging” is measured by reactions and comments. “Most Loved” uses BrandTotal’s sentiment analysis to see which ads had the most positive emotions around them. The “Top Spenders” list shows which ads had the highest spend behind them for the period.




What's In the Snapshot

Insightful Competitive Overview

BrandTotal gives a unique view into what the top brands are doing on social media, which can be compared to a set of competitors or other brands of interest.

dark ads
Analysis of Dark Versus Public Ads

See which public posts, as well as highly targeted, otherwise-invisible “dark” ads brands are running, which often form the majority of brand campaigns.

Consumer Sentiment Trends

Brands can benchmark themselves against rival brands and assess consumer sentiment around different strategies and discover what themes and trends are emerging.

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Actionable Key Learnings

Get the most complete picture of the tops ads running on social media right now.

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