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BrandTotal shows you all of your competitors’ social ads and how consumers respond to them — in real time. No more blind spots.

Our platform is the easiest and most effective way to measure and analyze your competitors' social advertising so you can outsmart, outshine, and outperform rival brands.

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BrandTotal gives you:

  • 100% visibility into your competitors’ paid social strategy, including real-time Creative Intelligence, Media intelligence, and Brand Intelligence data.  
  • Complete social Share of Voice coverage across all major social media channels.
  • Unparalleled granularity — insights at the category, brand, product, campaign, and ad level.

Want to see emerging trends in your category, unlock the secrets of your competition, and win consumer love, loyalty, and wallet share?

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“BrandTotal helps you hone in on the signal through all the noise.” 

— Jordan Lalor, Senior Social Media Specialist,
Mercedes-Benz USA

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It's Time to Outshine Your Competition