Valentine’s Day Special Brand Report: Did Advertisers Capture Their Audiences’ Hearts This Year?

Our newest social snapshot aims to reveal what brands’ paid social strategies for Valentine’s Day look like in a year that is anything but normal. Consumers have been spending, and are still spending, a lot of time at home, making this Valentine’s Day more intimate than ever. 




Read this special research report to get:

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Insightful Brand Overview

Get an in-depth review of the Valentine’s Day marketing to understand who’s winning at paid social across channels and which channels are most successful at driving SOV and engagement.

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Consumer Sentiment Trends

Find out who’s leading the field, what the positive and negative keywords and phrases are, and how sentiment has shifted over time.

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Actionable Key Learnings

See our take on what’s working and what’s not in paid social in terms of SOV, share of topic, engagement, sentiment, and creative/messaging.

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