Strategies for Challenger Brands and their Agencies in Planning New Launches on Social Media & Digital

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Originally recorded Thursday, March 25, 2021

A webinar hosted by Mark Mansfield, Senior Vice President, Global Growth & Partnerships, BrandTotal, featuring:


Gil Efrati

CMO, Nectar


José Villa

President, Sensis


Dave Currie

CEO, Winmo


Alon Leibovich

CEO & Co-founder, BrandTotal

Ever wonder why challenger brands are so good at planning new launches? Join us for an intimate fireside chat as we reveal insider strategies, tactics, and techniques in using paid social to launch new products, new ad campaigns, and new initiatives, while leveraging social competitive intelligence and brand analytics tools.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Measure creative ad performance, optimize message/market fit, and adjust their digital and social strategy
  • Identify open media spaces to invest in blue ocean opportunities or divest from saturated media spaces
  • Align Brand, Performance, and Media teams to optimally measure a brand’s digital and social impact 

Watch now to join the conversation and learn from the experts as we share strategic insights for launch success.