Download Now: Top 11 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Brand Intelligence Solutions

How to assess competitive social advertising and brand analytics platforms

How can your brand capitalize on the massive shift to social commerce amidst tectonic shifts in B2C and DTC marketing? Brand intelligence is the answer, enabling you to measure your brand performance through multiple intelligence layers such as consumer sentiment, consumer engagement, competitive spend, impressions, dark vs. public ads, organic and sponsored, SOV, and much more. The right platform also gives you the ability to track and analyze your own creative and media performance benchmarked against rival brands.

Download this comprehensive buyer’s guide to gain a vendor-neutral view of:

  • Three key challenges marketers face when measuring social advertising
  • Why incumbent solutions fall short in competitive social advertising intelligence
  • The missing link of visibility combined with contextual metrics and performance data
  • 11 critical questions you must ask any vendor you are evaluating
  • How BrandTotal compares to alternate solutions across those key criteria



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