How Global Consumer Brands Use Social Competitive Intelligence and Brand Analytics to Impact Brand Performance


A Q&A session featuring:

Gayle Noah, Media Director of L'Oréal
black&white-Mark Mansfield
Mark Mansfield, Senior Vice President, Global Growth & Partnerships, BrandTotal

If you are a marketer struggling with actionable consumer insights into your brand analytics as benchmarked against your competition, you won’t want to miss this webinar with guest speaker Gayle Noah, Media Director of L’Oréal. With 85% of today's digital marketing hidden from view and fragmented across multiple channels, how can you see how your brand marketing measures up to the competition, much less how it can be strategically optimized?

This is the question L’Oréal sought to answer when it engaged BrandTotal to help the company transform its brand analytics and gain social competitive intelligence consumer insights so they could accurately measure, correlate, benchmark, and optimize campaigns and initiatives. 

Join us to learn how L'Oréal was able to:

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Make faster, smarter, and better brand advertising decisions


Gain the broadest and deepest digital share of voice coverage

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Analyze their brand performance as compared to the competition

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