How to Create New Value Streams and Revenue Opportunities with Competitive Social Advertising Intelligence

June 30 Agency Webinar_logo-group

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Mark Patchett

Founder @ Growth Shop | Investor | Ecom Entrepreneur | $1B+ in Growth


Jane Wagner

VP, The LEGO Agency Americas at The LEGO Group, formerly with McCann Worldgroup


Alba Madriz

Regional Account Director at MediaCom


Mark Mansfield

Global Head of Growth & Partnerships, BrandTotal

Hosted by Mark Mansfield, Senior Vice President, Global Growth & Partnerships, BrandTotal

Brought to you by the CMO Council & BrandTotal

In the competitive red ocean of advertising agencies, how can you creatively and strategically stand out from the crowd? Join us for a lively discussion on how agencies can differentiate with new, powerful offerings based on social competitive intelligence. 

Traditionally, there’s been no good way to measure social share of voice or track what your clients’ competitors are doing in social. How can your challenger brand clients ever hope to gain the upper hand when developing new campaigns designed to move the needle?

The good news is that new tools such as BrandTotal’s social competitive intelligence enable you to measure clients’ social ad performance benchmarked against their competitors and easily pivot their creative and media strategy as needed. Moreover, such a tool enables you to minimize the guesswork while building new client services and revenue opportunities.

Register now for the webinar to learn how social competitive intelligence helps you:

  • Understand what big brands are doing to help your challenger brand clients punch above their weight
  • Reduce your clients’ time to market, time to creative, and time to optimization
  • Create insight-driven creatives for maximal performance that help transition your agency to performance-based invoicing
  • Offer new value-based revenue streams by capturing social Share of Voice and social competitive intelligence
  • Add more value to your clients’ strategy and create repeatable processes within your agency

Register now to tap into a potential gold mine of new client services and associated revenue opportunities.